The Village Council

The Village Council holds its regular meetings on the second Monday
of each month at 6:00 PM. Meetings are held at the Village Hall.

Pentwater Offices are located at: 327 South Hancock Street
Office Hours: 9:00 AM - 4 PM  Monday through Friday
Phone: 231-869-8301     Fax: 213-869-5120
Mailing Address: Village of Pentwater    P.O. Box 622    Pentwater, MI 49449
  "LET  WATER  RUN"   
VILLAGE of PENTWATER  order in EFFECT  until  MARCH 31, 2015


Village Council


Council Members

Term Expiration & Email

Juanita Pierman - President
Nov. 2016

Jared Griffis - Pro Tempore
Nov. 2018

Sarah VanTassal
Nov. 2018

Bill Maxwell
Nov. 2018

Dan Hoekstra
Nov. 2016

Don Palmer
Nov. 2016,

Norm Shotwell
Nov. 2016

Quick Links

Water Quality Report

Dashboard -This link will take you to Michigan's Transportation Asset Management. Click Statewide for a drop down menu and select City/Village. Then choose Pentwater. Addison will show up as the first of the drop down list.
Utility Billing
Council Agenda (available just before meeting)

Application for Copies of Public Records


Council Committee Assignments

(Through November 2016)

Finance, Budget, Outside Contracts, Planning Committee
Chair: Griffis
Committee: Shotwell, Maxwell

Ordinance, Permits & Licenses Committee 
Chair: VanTassal
Committee: Palmer, Hoekstra

Buildings, Grounds, Marina & Parks Committee
Chair: Hoekstra
Committee: VanTassal, Shotwell
Personnel, Contracts, Policy & Health Insurance Committee  
Chair: Maxwell
Committee: Griffis, Hoekstra

Services-Streets, Sidewalks, Water, Sewer, Fire, Solid Waste Committee
Chair: Shotwell 
Committee: Griffis, Palmer

Promotion, Activity Coordination Committee
Chair: Palmer
Committee: VanTassal, Maxwell